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Vision and Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens. Our core Christian Values are Love, Fellowship, Courage and Truth; more information can be found about these on their own page on this website.


Our Vision

Our core Christian Values of Love, Fellowship, Truth and Courage are deeply embedded in our daily life.  They influence the decisions and choices the pupils, staff and governors make every day.  Our pupils ‘encourage one another and build one another up’ (Thessalonians 5:11), care for themselves, their school and God’s natural world.  They see when people need help and step forward to support them. 


We provide a safe and caring environment with a strong moral and spiritual framework, where mutual respect and concern for each other are woven into the fabric of the school. We believe that children thrive if they are valued, and so we praise their efforts and recognise the positive contributions of our parents. The success of the supportive relationships within the school, the willingness of staff to listen to, and respect, the ideas of our children, and our strong Christian ethos, make Selborne an excellent place to learn.

We seek to provide high quality education for all our pupils, in a creative and purposeful atmosphere. We deliver the National Curriculum using a carefully structured, yet flexible approach, designed to motivate and inspire. We use a wide range of first-hand experiences to enable the children to explore, investigate and discover more about the world around them. We challenge our pupils to strive for success by encouraging perseverance and celebrating progress. We support those children with special needs by differentiating their work and giving them equal access to success. Through excellent resources, we facilitate independence throughout their development.

We want our children to be confident communicators, fluent readers, literate writers and sound mathematicians, able to apply their knowledge and skills in a wide variety of practical and theoretical situations. We want them to have developed a love of the arts and physical activity. We promote a healthy life style, and prepare our children for the demands of an increasingly technological and rapidly changing society. Our children will have enquiring minds, be happy to learn, and keen to discuss their growing understanding of the world around them.

As a Church school we encourage our children to participate in, and respond to, daily acts of collective worship, which reflect the traditions of the Church of England. We use cultural diversity, moral and social issues and current events to stimulate their thinking and develop their perception of the world and their personal values. We encourage our children to look beyond their own wants so that they can respond to the needs of their neighbours and the wider world.