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Squirrels – Reception

Friday 17th July 2020


Bonjour tout le monde! Welcome to Paris!!

We’re going to have a wonderful day exploring the sights of Paris and then have a go at some fun French activities. Start by looking at some of the virtual tour videos below. When you are finished, click on the Virtual Trip to Paris Activity Sheet and then choose the activities you would like to complete. Any extra resources to download are also listed below.


If you would like to do some more French at home, there are lots of activities on the French page of the school website here.


Have a look and choose something fun to do. Have a wonderful day in Paris. Bon voyage!

Mrs Fuller

For each of the videos below you can move around the screen. If you are on a tablet, swipe to look in different directions and to look up and down. If you are on a laptop or computer click the mouse then move around. If you are on a mobile phone you can just tilt the phone around!


Begin by taking a trip all around the sights of Paris. Which one would you most like to visit?


Now let’s see some of them a bit closer. First, take a trip up the Eiffel Tower:


Now let’s have a look around The Louvre, and see if we can find the famous Mona Lisa:


Finally, let’s visit Notre Dame Cathedral. Sadly, there was a fire at Notre Dame in April 2019. Many items from the Cathedral were saved and conservationists and scientists are currently working to restore the wonderful cathedral. This film below looks at Notre Dame before the fire:




Thursday 16th July


Hi Squirrels,


Today we are going to visit London! 


Have lots of fun exploring London and some of the wonderful sights. We will visit Buckingham Palace and have a trip along the River Thames.


Take a look at the links and activities below to help you plan your trip.


Have a great day,

Mrs Awford and Mrs Dargon

Wednesday 15th July


Hello Squirrels, 


Today we are going to visit a very special theatre called the Globe. A man named William Shakespeare put his plays on here a long time ago. We are going to watch one today. Watch my video before you begin. 


Part A:

  1. Please download the Shakespeare's Globe 360 App and explore the theatre. You don't need to buy any of the extra features. There is an online version if you can't use the App. It's very different to Theatres today. Can you spot the differences? 

  2. Ask a parent to read you the synopsis of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. This will help you understand the story as Shakespeare wrote in a very different way to how we speak now. 

  3. Watch the CBeebies production. This explains the story as it goes but uses the original language.



Part B: Pick 2 of the following activities

  1. Create a Dream Catcher

  2. Make a Fairy home

  3. Create an abstract Portrait of Shakespeare and use face swapping apps to give him different expression

  4. Make the Shakespearean compliments and insults fortune teller or do some research to make your own. 

  5. Make your own theatre out of a box, lego or something else.


I hope you enjoy the day. 

Have a great trip and don’t forget to share it on Seesaw!

Week commencing - 29th June 2020

It's Book Week! Lots of 'sillyness and fun!'

Maths and Literacy for week commencing 22nd June 2020


This week is sports week!

Before you start -  If you choose, everyday on You- tube 'Joe Wicks' will be doing a PE work out for children at home - have a look at 'Go Noodle' on You tube too!

Tasks for today: Follow the whole school topic for this week. Complete the Maths and English at home if you are continuing to learn from home, if not complete in school either in the morning or afternoon.

Have a  great day - Keep the work coming.


Letter to God.MP4

Still image for this video

Play - dough recipe

Useful Websites to help at home

Squirrel's Challenge for today - please remember to send pictures and email me throughout the day for help

Having fun learning at home

Village Walk and Picnic

Squirrels had lots of fun walking around the village of Selborne.

We visited all of our 'house' locations - The Wakes, Lions Mouth, Zig Zag and Church Meadow.

We played on the park, whizzed down the zip wire and stopped at the shop for an ice cream - so much fun.

Exciting Writing!

Squirrels were so excited to receive a 'Thank you' letter from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Squirrels had made and written New Baby cards for Archie.

Kung hei fat choi! - Happy Chinese New Year! 

Squirrels have been learning about Chinese New Year and the year of the Pig. After listening to the Emperor's tale of how the years got their names, they decided to make a Chinese Restaurant. Many orders have been taken, writing down numbers and serving customers.

Following on from this, today we made and tasted 'Stir Fry' and wrote down the ingredients we used.


SNOW DAY - Some ideas for home learning.


Squirrels, you get to stay at home with your grown ups and play in the snow.

Wrap up warm and go outside to feel the snow and maybe make a mini snowman or even an igloo.


Can you see any footprints in the snow? Where did they come from? Was it some kind of animal?

Count these footprints, - make some of your own and compare size.


Can you write the word SNOW  in the snow and think up as many words to describe the snow?

Write the word SNOW and list as many words as you can that begin with each of the letters.


Make symmetrical paper snowflakes by folding a white piece of paper diagonally and then twice more to form a triangle, then create a crystalline design by cutting that's revealed when you unfold the snowflake.


Make the most of the extra time to read and practise all sounds and words too.

Treat yourself to hot chocolate to warm up, stay safe, be good and have fun.


Can't wait to see you all on Monday to hear all about your day.



Squirrels is a Reception Class


Their Class Teacher is Mrs Awford

Their Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Pears and Mrs Goodwyn

Click on the following link for more information

Squirrels have had lots of fun learning the 'Enormous Turnip' story.

They made their own turnip and retold the story.

Squirrels found a surprise note near to the woodland walk and had fun with measuring.

Enjoying the snow

During the Spring half term Squirrels Reception Class have had lots of fun doubling and halving amounts, as well as learning to count in 2's, 10's and 5's.

They have also been out and about looking for signs of Spring.

Doubling and Halving Amounts.

Counting in 2's
Looking for signs of Spring.
Squirrels had lots of fun enjoying the Spring sunshine in the school garden. Sweeping and clearing, writing signs and planting more seeds, as well as bug hunting and dinosaur play.