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The Religious Education Subject leader is Miss Claire Murphy


At Selborne Church of England Primary School, we believe that all children are entitled to a broad balanced and relevant Religious Education Curriculum.  It is our intent that all Religious Education should aid children’s development of an awareness of other people, and an understanding of cultures different from their own.  We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to develop and realise their true potential.  To ensure that this happens, we aim to consistently provide learning opportunities for all children that offer challenge, intellectual stimulation and an enriched curriculum.


Please see the document below to gain a full understanding of our Religious Education curriculum here at Selborne including the intent, implementation and impact which can be found in the subject policy.

Our Reverend came to visit

EYFS enjoy a hands on approach to their learning in Religious Education


Squirrels Class used the outdoor learning environment to recreate the Creation Story - 'In the Beginning.'

The children enjoyed learning about 'Jesus as a Story Teller.'  The children discussed their favourite stories and this led to 'sorting' the book box too!


The children suggested some of the favourites were, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' - This teaches us the life cycle of a butterfly, 'Jack and the Beanstalk', - This teaches us it is not good to steal and one child said his favourite book was the Bible ,'because it has lots of stories from Jesus in it.'

The Squirrels listened intently to the story of the 'Little Boy who cried Wolf' and very quickly responded, 'That's one of our Christian Core Values - The Truth, you must tell the truth.'

We then wrote a class prayer to remind us to always tell the truth, even when times are difficult.

Drama in KS1 reflecting the Parable of the Lost Son

Freeze frame

Rabbits Class have produced collages to represent the Christian Creation Story.
Work produced in Badgers class as a result of studying Peace in RE with a focus on Christianity and Bhuddism.