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Rabbits – Year 1/2

Friday 22nd May 2020


Good morning Rabbits. Well done for another busy week! I hope you have enjoyed all your outdoor learning. You have all done so well with your learning at home and we are very proud of you all. Next week is half-term so have a wonderful, relaxing break with your family. I hope you all have lots of fun in the sunshine!


Here is your home learning for today. Have a lovely day.


Mrs Fuller



Mr Maliphant has done lots of different outdoor PE activities, so please have a look at some of his videos and choose some that you would like to do:





Thank you for all the reading you are sharing on Seesaw, especially the photos and videos of you reading outside. Instead of doing a reading comprehension today, I would like you to read to someone in your family today to practise reading aloud. If the weather is nice, you could read in the garden or outside. Make sure you talk about the story as you go along. Look at the questions below for some ideas of things to think about while you are reading:


Who is the author? Who is the illustrator? Have you read any of their books before?

Are there any words in the story you don’t understand? How can you find out what they mean? Can you read the words around it to help you work out what the unknown word means?

Who are the main characters? How do you think the characters feel? Why? How would you feel in that situation? Who is your favourite character? Why?

What do you think will happen next? Can you predict how the story will end?

Do you like how the story ended? Can you think of another way the book could have ended?

Can you re-tell the story in your own words?



I loved seeing your ideas after you looked at the Pobble umbrella picture last week, so I thought we would do another one today. Click on the link below to take you to our work, ‘The Life of a Snail’:

Click on the little blue arrow at the bottom of the screen to move onto the next slide.

Look at the picture carefully and use your imagination. What do you think the picture is showing? What do you think is happening in the picture?

Move onto the next slide and read the little story starter and then think about the questions on the next slide. There are no right or wrong answers – just use your imagination to think about what might be happening in the picture. Finally, there is a little drawing activity on the last slide.


Spellings and Phonics:


As this week is Outdoor Learning Week, I thought we would try to find some different ways to practise your spellings outside. There are lots of different ideas on the Outdoor Spellings Activities cards below. Choose a couple of the ideas and use them to practise your spellings this week. You might not have everything you need to be able to do all of them, so just choose from the ones you can do.


Year 2, I have also added the Scrabble Tiles sheet below in case you would like to find the scores for this week’s spellings! Year 1, you might like to try this too. Follow the instructions below and see which of your spellings has the highest Scrabble score!


Using Scrabble Tiles to find Spelling Scores:

The sheet below shows Scrabble tiles for each letter of the alphabet. Each letter has a score – you can see the number on the tile next to the letter.

Try finding out the score for each of your spelling words. For example:

most = m + o + s + t = 3 + 1+ 1+ 1 = 6

Can you find out the scores for all your words? Which has the highest score? Which has the lowest score?




Remember to keep doing your Doodlemaths for at least 10 minutes each day. Lots of you are making really good progress so keep up the good work!


Today we are going to continue with our symmetry work from Monday. Watch the video below to learn more about lines of symmetry in shapes:


There is then a Symmetry Activity for everyone below, and a Lines of Symmetry in Shapes Sheet for Year 2 if you would like to do a bit more practice. There are answers for both sheets.


Once you have completed the activities, you might like to try these symmetry games too:


Symmetry Matching:

Symmetry Sorting:

Symmetry Painter:




Today is the last day of our special Gilbert White Art Project. Please complete the activity for Day 5, then make sure you take a photo of your wonderful creations and email them to Mrs Awford - details are in the Gilbert White Art Activity PowerPoint below. Mrs Awford will then be able to create our on-line gallery.


Fun Friday Choosing:


Next week is half-term, a time when people often go away on holiday. As lots of people are unable to go away on their holiday at the moment, I thought you could take a virtual holiday this afternoon! Decide where in the world you would like to go – it could be anywhere! Would you like to swim on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia? Or see the ancient Pyramids in Egypt? Perhaps you would like to see The Grand Canyon in America or see The Northern Lights? Use your imagination! Then have fun planning your pretend holiday. How would you get there? What clothes would you need to pack? What would you do when you were there? Where would you stay? Can you write a postcard telling others about your trip?


I have put some activity sheets for you below, but you don’t need to use these if you don’t want to. Just have fun planning and talking about your imaginary trip. Have a lovely afternoon!


Everybody Worries: A story and drawalong with Jon Burgerman

Lots of people are feeling worried at the moment, so Jon Burgerman has written a lovely new picture book to reassure little ones. He's going to read it to us...

BBC Bitesize Bible Calendar


BBC Biteseize have produced a Bible Calendar looking at different Christian values. The Information sheet below has some interesting facts about calendars and introduces the BBC Bitesize Bible Calendar. Each month the calendar will look at a different Christian value. The value for May is Perseverance. It includes a quote from Ussain Bolt and suggests a short Bible verse linked to the value of perseverance each day. We will leave the Calendar for May up on our class page for anyone who would like to use it.


There are also some Worship Ideas below and a short video, Letter to God, at the bottom of today's work.

Letter to God.MP4

Still image for this video

Useful Websites to help at home

Play - dough recipe to make at home

Fun at home learning.


Fun at home learning

Fun at home learning 1
Fun at home learning 2
Fun at home learning 3
Fun at home learning 4
Fun at home learning 5
Fun at home learning 6
Fun at home learning 7
Fun at home learning 8
Fun at home learning 9
Fun at home learning 10
Fun at home learning 11

Rabbits class is a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class.


Their Class Teacher is Mrs Fuller and Mrs Dargon

Their Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Stalley.

Click on the following link for more information

Parents meeting information 2019 - 2020

Outdoor Learning

Investigating materials to make parachutes

Investigating materials to make parachutes 1

Kite making

French Easter egg hunt

Class Assembly

Class Assembly 1
Class Assembly 2

Making Gingerbread Men

Making Christmas decorations

Lego expedition

Lego expedition 1
Lego expedition 2
Lego expedition 3
Lego expedition 4
Lego expedition 5
Lego expedition 6

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning 1
Outdoor Learning 2
Outdoor Learning 3

Weald and Downland Museum

Weald and Downland Museum 1
Weald and Downland Museum 2
Weald and Downland Museum 3
Weald and Downland Museum 4
Weald and Downland Museum 5
Weald and Downland Museum 6
Weald and Downland Museum 7
Weald and Downland Museum 8
Weald and Downland Museum 9


Funnybones 1
Funnybones 2
Funnybones 3
Funnybones 4
Funnybones 5
Funnybones 6

Scutari Hospital - Florence Nightingale


Rabbits Class have been learning all about the achievements of Florence Nightingale. We then turned the school hall into Scutari Hospital where she worked during the Crimean War.


We all took on three different roles throughout the afternoon: Soldier, nurse and hospital staff. We had a great time but found it hard work being Florence Nightingale!

Space POWer Project


Rabbits Class held their second POWer Project museum for their topic 'Out of this World' and it was a huge success. Mrs H was so pleased with all the hard work that went into each project. The rest of the school had a great time visiting the museum and learnt a lot!

World Book Day 2018

Class Assembly


Rabbits class held today's assembly and did a fantastic job! They took the whole audience up to space, sung some great songs, showed their art work and all shared a fact they had learnt.


Each member of the class spoke in front of lots of people and sung wonderfully - well done Rabbits Class!

The Giant Sing!
This week Rabbit's Class have been to The Anvil Theatre to take part in The Giant Sing. We have learnt 10 songs about Barnaby Bear in space and joined in with these during a great show at the theatre. It was great fun!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Rabbits Class had a great trip to Birdworld. We learnt about lots of different animals and had a great day!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
POWer Project
We held a POWer Project museum for our topic Poles Apart. We worked really hard at home on our projects and then opened our museum to show the other classes and our parents.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4