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If your child is starting school in September 2021 please take the time to explore our website. Our Headteacher would be delighted to chat to you and answer any questions.


The Music Manager is Mrs Beverly Whitaker


At Selborne School, Music is a high priority and this has been recognised externally by the school being awarded the ' Music Mark' for the last four years running. 

The musical ability of the children is known in the locality, through 'whole school' performances in our local church as well as choir and band performances. 


In addition to our own class teaching we also offer all children a 'Listen to Me Experience' where all children are given a Year's free tuition on three instruments. This service is provided by Hampshire Music Service and paid for by the School Music Festival called 'Fosstival', which is organised by our 'Friend of Selborne School' group.


For children who wish to take their music further we engage Hampshire Music Service to teach a variety of instruments within the school day.


Please read the documents below for further details of our music provision for all children and includes our intent, implementation and impact statement.

Listen To Me Concert on Monday 10th December

Children performing at the end of term instrumental concert!