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The History subject Leader is Mrs Black


At Selborne Church of England Primary School, we believe that all children are entitled to a broad balanced and relevant History curriculum. It is our intent that all History education should help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to develop and realise their true potential.  To ensure that this happens, we aim to consistently provide learning opportunities for all children that offer challenge, intellectual stimulation and an enriched curriculum.


Please see the document below to gain a full understanding of our History curriculum here at Selborne including the intent, implementation and impact which can be found in the subject policy.

Otters really enjoyed their topic of 'Reign Over Us' looking at the Kings and Queens that have ruled England.  They finished their topic with a trip to the Mary Rose and have completed a Power Project over half term.  Some children have written a menu including what people ate during the Tudor times, some have made models of the Mary Rose and some written a day in the life of a Tudor sailor. They have enjoyed sharing their projects with the rest of the school.

Becoming Kings and Queens

To learn more about the Monarchy we became Kings and Queens and decided on good and bad rules through history, we were then quite creative in making up our own!

Scutari Hospital


Rabbits Class have been finding out what is was like to work in Scutari Hospital during the Crimean War just like Florence Nightingale.

Squirrels have been 'looking back in time.' They have been thinking how many years ago they were a baby and the things they could do in the past compared to the things they can do today.

'Looking back in time'

Otters: Tomb Raiders

Otters have looked at the hierarchy of an ancient Egyptian society.  They have looked at what life would be like for each of the different groups of people and compared this to their own lives now.  We have discussed the similarities and differences and investigated why the children thought that lives were different then. 

Otters Iron Age Day Experience

Otters had a special visitor as part of their 'Meet the Flintstones' topic.  This topic covered the Stone Age to the Iron Age.  Their visitor brought the Iron age to life with a variety of artefacts from the Iron age and many replica items to demonstrate what life was like back then.


The children were able to look at what people wore and discussed what materials they were made from.  They could handle real furs and armour and have a go at grinding wheat.  They learnt about the hierarchy of the society and the different roles the people played in each village as well as the types of houses they lived in.   


In the afternoon they took part in warrior training. This involved javelin throwing, learning how to use a sword and a spear.  They solved a giant jigsaw puzzle involving Iron Age patterns and designed their own spear tip.


Following on from this experience the children made their own shields.  Take a look at these on the art page.

Rabbits Class - The Great Fire of London

Rabbits Class practiced their research skills a lot during this topic.

They had to learn about London in the present day and compare it to London in 1666 - we were all quite surprised by the differences!

We also had to research facts about the great fire. We were learning how to write headings and questions in the style of the non-fiction books we were reading.