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Child initiated geography with Squirrels Reception Class.

One of the children became very interested in the map he had found in the classroom. After opening the map, lots of the children wanted to look and investigate. This led to plenty of discussion about the world and places the children had visited. We added bee bots to travel to different destinations and had a go at drawing our own maps too!

Otters: Tomb Raiders

The children have investigated both the physical and human characteristics of Egypt as part of their Tomb Raiders topic.  They have found out about the River Nile, pyramids and the different types of land use.  They have also looked at what it is like to be a child living in Egypt through the work we have done in literacy using the book 'Africa is not a country'.

Rabbits Class - London and Selborne


During our London topic we also spent some time comparing London to Selborne, there were some similarities but lots more differences.


After we had compared them we had to create a map of a city and of a village, we used coordinates to create a key.

Badgers Class went on a Geography Field Trip to Gilbert White's Field Study Centre. They took measurements around the river and looked at the features of a river. They then completed some art work using the clay from the river!

Badgers' Field Study Trip November 2017

The World's Kitchen


Otters have been looking at food from around the World.  We have investigated where our food comes from and how it gets onto our plates.  We have been using our geography skills by looking in at atlas' and maps to locate the countries that our food comes from.  The children are able to use the resources to identify the continents, countries within the continents and the capital city of a chosen country.