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If your child is starting school in September 2021 please take the time to explore our website. Our Headteacher would be delighted to chat to you and answer any questions.


Squirrels class have enjoyed using the Bee Bots. They tried giving them different instructions and then they made simple obstacle courses for the Bee Bots to go around.
The children in Rabbits class have been learning about algorithms and how to give instructions. They had to pretend they were robots and give each other clear instructions so they could move the blocks from one pot to another. We call this unplugged coding.
Then Rabbits class gave instructions to the Blue-Bots. The children were challenged to get from one place on their map to another. They input the instructions to the Blue-Bot and then pressed go! Sometimes it didn't go where they thought it would and they had to work out why their instructions were wrong - this is called debugging.
Otters class were learning about plants in science. They looked at paintings and photos of different plants and then used Revelation Natural Art to recreate these pictures on the computer.
Badgers class have been learning about the Mayans. They used Scratch to create quizzes and test each other's knowledge of the Mayan civilisation.