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Badgers' Blog

Here is the latest information from the children in Badgers.



8th December

This week in Badgers, we have been learning about bridges. There are 3 types of bridge: Arch bridge, hanging bridge (suspension bridge) and cantilever bridge. We have also completed some tests the subjects were: maths, literacy, spellings and reading.



In Literacy we have been writing up the journey of a river as an information text and we have also been looking at river poems particularly some of the features of a poem.


By Lola and Ben




This week we have been writing up our recount of the River Trip last week and our river information texts. In addition to this we did a science experiment about whether heat affects evaporating.

In P.E we have been doing orienteering with Mr Maliphant. We got into teams and hid beanbags, then we got another group’s beanbag set to find. We have also been doing dance. We are making dances in groups about the journey of a river. It’s really fun!

In maths Year 5 are doing fractions and Year 6 are doing bar modelling.

On Friday we had a visit from Amery Hill language leaders. They taught us animals in German and book genres in French.

We have been rehearsing our Christmas production. It’s so exciting!!!

By Anya!


On Tuesday we went on a River Trip to Gilbert White field study centre. We did experiments in the river near Huckers Lane and made our own paint. We went up the Hanger and made some river pictures.

In addition to this, we have been composing our own piece of music about the journey of a river. One of the groups has nearly finished a piece about the city and another is doing a waterfall.

In art we have been doing Monet. We tried doing our own Monet paintings on a canvas.

It is nearing Christmas, and we have begun preparations for the Christmas performance. This year it is called ‘Are We Nearly There Yet?’

By Anya Fuller and Georgina Knight

24th March 2017

This Week Badgers have been making Longships and learning about the Vikings. Also we have been doing Arithmetic. Year 6 have been doing their pretend SATS!!! It is less than 4 school weeks until they start. In French year 6 have been doing their Mr Men books and year 5’s have been doing their own wolf book. Today we invaded Britain as Viking warriors and some of us were very scary!


3rd March 2017

This week Badgers have been learning how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. We have also been writing news reports about Pigeon Impossible in English. In history we have been learning about Vikings (did you know that it is not true that Vikings used to wear helmets with horns on top?)

                                                    By Grace and Annabel!


17th February 2017 

This week Badgers have been learning about:


Messages in RE


In maths we have been learning how to find the mean, mode, median and range.


Year 5 and 4 have been doing the ukulele-we were writing our own songs- it was really fun!


The boys also did a football competition and came 3rd out of 12 teams!


Overall we had a really fun week!


      By Annabel and Alice


10th February 2017

This week in maths we did data: mode, median, mean and range and there was a rhyme that goes like this:


Hey diddle diddle the median’s the middle

You add and divide for the mean

The mode is the one you see the most

And the range is the difference between.

In English we’re learning about a mini movie called Pigeon impossible and it is about a spy who has a high-tech suitcase and a pigeon gets stuck in it and causes loads of trouble.

In IT we’re doing our own flappy bird machine in scratch.


By Will and Caspar 



This week we have been learning about percentages. They were really hard at first, but by the end they were really easy and fun!


In music we have been learning how to play the steel pan. We had to perform three pieces in the sharing assembly!


In English we have been writing a persuasive letter to our parents. Our topic is Spies and `COOL` stuff! So we have been researching about spies-what they do and who they are.


Thank you for reading.


By Lily and Grace!



This week, Badgers have been learning percentages in maths that were hard but fun. In music we have been doing steel-pans. It was fun and we learnt 4 pieces which we will present on Tuesday at Parents’ Assembly. In P.E we have been pretending to be machines! In English we been planning a persuasive letter.


On Tuesday we had a great time at Action Stations learning all about ‘Jack the Painter’ a famous spy and code cracking. We also had time to do all the ‘cool’ things that are there!

Overall this week has been FUN!!


By Daisy and Sasha. 



This week Badgers have been continuing with our steel pan music, we have also finished our instruction text for a hover bike!

In English we have completed our entries for the Rotary Club competition on the subject of 'Reflection'. This is a writing competition and three people from Badgers and Otters will be picked to go through to the next round.

Last year Esmé got to the final!


We have also been doing robot dances in P.E!




This week Badgers have been learning about Andy Warhol (an artist) and all his imaginative art works like the tomato soup. He loved to paint pictures of famous people. We made our own Andy Warhol art, we drew a picture and traced it four times and coloured it in four different colours.


Our topic is cool stuff so we have started a book called code breakers, so far the book is funny and really cool! We also did some brain quizzes.


At the end of the week we had students from Amery Hill who taught us French and German! At the beginning of the week we entered a Rotary Club competition and the theme was Reflection


By Lucy and Lily!



This week Badgers have been doing their nativity play rehearsals and the Open Box Theatre Company came with their new recruit –Alma. We have written our volcano explanation texts and looked at different types of poems including: acrostic and rhyming poems.

In P.E we have been working on ball skills (concentrating mainly on football). We have been learning how to jockey (the attacker stops the person with the ball from scoring/ passing) and dribbling.


Over all we have thoroughly enjoyed the week!


By Eric, Issie and Charlie!!!




This week in Badgers we have learned about:


In Maths Yr 6s have been finding out about prime numbers and prime factors and Yr 5s have learned about angles in a triangle and degrees.


In Literacy we have been planning our volcano explanation texts.


In P.E we have been doing our keep fit and football.


In French the Yr 6s have been doing their Mr. Men characters and the Yr 5s have been doing their le loup and la louve (the wolf).


In PSHE we did ways we can be happy, healthy and prepared.


In LTM (listen to me) the Yr 5s have been practising for their concert in two weeks time.


Finally, we did something very exciting! Famous potter Mr Lees came in to help us make and paint our own Greek pots.


By Anya Fuller and Molly Lee


25th November 2016


This week Badgers have learnt about Co-ordinates. We learned about doing them in 4 quadrants.

In P.E we have been doing football and our keep fit where we have to do a range of activities to improve our fitness.

In English we wrote our Greek Myths that we planned in the half term, it took us quite a long time.

In Science we did dissolving which we tested on Thursday.


Edward and Charlie



This week we have been learning about co-ordinates in our Maths. In English we have been writing our Greek myths. In IT we have been working on Excel (not the boring kind).

On Wednesday we found out our parts for the Christmas Play (The Little Fir Tree) Exciting! On Thursday the Year 5s went to Gilbert Whites to take over the museum. On Friday we all dressed up in spots for Children in Need Day!

Alice A, Ludovic and Anya



This week year 5 have been learning how to do short division while all of the year 6’s were doing a hard problem, on abundant numbers. Nobody has finished yet!

On Wednesday we played the steel pans for the first time! We learnt two songs all the way through.


On Friday we had a Remembrance service to remember the soldiers who died in the war.

In the afternoon we did PE with Mr Maliphant.

Tom Bu and Lucy



This week in Badgers we have been looking at The Twits, as it has been Roald Dahl National Book Week!

In Maths Y5 have been looking at long and short multiplication, while Y6’s have been doing work on long and short division! It was all quite hard, but we made our way through! 

In Literacy we have made some Mr Twit beards and put some (not real,) grubby food on them! Apparently, Mrs Twit got to her state by thinking ugly thoughts, so we wrote some “Anti-Twit good thoughts” poems, so that we look can at them when we get sad or cross!


By Jules P.Pearce


Badgers Blog 7/10


This week in English, we have been writing our newspaper reports on the Trojan war. We wrote about how the Greeks won with a huge wooden horse, and that they used their best artists to build it. In maths we did ordering decimals and rounding to the nearest 10 000 and 100 000.


On Friday we planned our Christmas cards and had great fun doing it (the Christmas card will be out to buy sometime soon.) We also did our Scratch mazes. We added coin scoring and extra levels.


By Tom Boyd and Will Simpson 



This week we have been learning about features of a newspaper in English, ordering decimals in maths, properties of materials in science and scratch in IT. The Year 5s have been doing Listen2Me and we learnt a new note this week! In art we made cut and stick pots out of paper! We learnt about Alexander the Great in Topic. It’s been a great week!


By Kai, Grace and Anya


23rd September

In Badgers this week we have been practising our Trojan war dances and cut and stick Greek pots. We have also been making stain glass window pictures to follow up this week’s Worship.


We have started on our Greek holiday brochures, using Publisher and in Computing we have been making mazes on Scratch to go with the Greek myth of the Minotaur.


Eric and Isla


This week Badgers have been working hard.  This is what we have been doing:

On Monday we did P.E, we acted out the Trojan War.

On Tuesday: We did our research for our Greek brochures.

On Wednesday: We did really hard addition and subtraction questions.

On Thursday: Year 5 did Listen 2 Me and they really enjoyed it!

On Friday: We did ICT and did our scratch mazes.


By Iona and Caspar 



Badgers Blog!   9.9.16

Badgers are still quite tired getting used to waking up early for school!

In PE we have been learning about netball. On Friday we learnt how to pass the ball between our partners.

On the first day back, we learnt how to design Greek pots on the computer, and in our sketch books we sketched some Greek pot pictures and some people made up their own designs.


 By Daisy! And  Tom Bu


4th February


This week we have been working hard, as this is our last week before the residential!

Everyone is really excited about our amazing trip next week!

RE: In RE we have been studying Buddhists and Buddhism and drawing images of peace and Buddha’s.

Maths: In Maths Yr. 5’s have been learning percentages and how to convert them into decimals. Yr. 6’s have been doing their practice SAT books.

Literacy: In Literacy we have been writing a letter of application to become an astronaut and going to Mars. We had to tell a lot of lies about our lives to get the job.

PE: In PE we have been doing gymnastics and using parts of our bodies that we usually don’t use. Also we were doing counter balance and counter tension. Do you know which one is which?

Yr 5’s have been going to the Squirrels to write their adventure stories on Thursdays.


By Iona and Violet-Skye 



22.1.16       Badgers Blog


This week Badgers have been adding and subtracting fractions in maths, and in literacy we have been writing newspaper articles about Tim Peake’s launch. We have also been learning about space and astronauts (mainly Tim Peake) in science.

Everyone is looking forward to bikeability next week.  (And don’t forget PGL!!!)


By Jules and Charlie. 



Badgers blog  15th January 2016

This week we have been writing stories for a competition. They had to be about our world is beautiful, they were all very good. There was also a swimming gala this week where Selborne Primary School came 5th out of 6!!!! Even though some of us came first in our races! In science this week we have been learning about space and how daylight hours change between seasons we also made a chart to show the daylight. We have also been looking at Tim Peake and his blast to the ISS.

Overall it was a wonderful week.


By Maia and Alice 




This week Badgers have been painting The Water Lily painting by Monet.


On Friday the year 5s went to The Gilbert White Museum and took charge for the afternoon whilst year 6s had a fun afternoon doing their paintings.


This week Badgers got the cast list for the Christmas show!


We have also been doing our river projects!


By Ethan & Maia




Badgers Blog.

This week Badgers have been practising for our sharing assembly. We performed a water cycle rap. In that, was lots of verses, so we broke them up into parts, in order that we could put ourselves into groups and have a few verses per group.

Also in assembly we showed the paintings that we did at Gilbert White’s Field Study Centre that is in Selborne. 

In addition to this we’ve also been writing an information text about the journey of a river.

We have also started our Monet paintings. To begin with, we cut a rectangle or square out of a piece of paper, then we had to choose which section to paint of Monet’s famous water lily painting. We are eventually going to be painting the whole picture!

By Ciara Hunter and Lilly Buckland



Badgers Blog 6th November

This week, Badgers have been learning about rivers.

On Tuesday Badgers class went on a school trip to Gilbert White Field Study Centre to do a river investigation.

First of all we went to Church Meadow to see Louise dye the river GREEN!!!! She did this so that we could see how fast the water in the river was travelling.

We also went to the river near Eric’s house where we went into groups to do three tasks.

Our favourite task was doing the duck races, to time how fast the river was flowing, it was really good fun .

On Wednesday in PE we did a river dance . We got into groups and were given a river feature that we had to base our dance on.

Overall this week has been really good.  

By Alice & India


Badgers Blog 23/10/15


This week Badgers have been rehearsing for our special Harvest Festival in the church, which happened on Thursday.

Also we had the school nurse come in on the day after the Harvest Festival.

In literacy we have been telling and recording our own version of Robin Hood.

On Friday we did ICT and P.E. In P.E we have been improving our fitness. In ICT we have been filming our Highway Man animations or videos.

Over all Badgers have had a very busy week and we are looking forward to coming back after half term.

By Tom V and Connor Turner.


Badgers Blog 16/10/15

This week, Badgers had Bible Explorer with John and Alistair, they saw an exploding book! 

Year 6 had a really good time at Think Safe finding out about all the emergency services! The police women played a trick on us; they gave us instructions to go around the building and into the classroom, but a lady we met on the way tempted us to follow her! Nearly everyone went with her and then the actual police woman called us back and said it was a test to see if we knew about stranger danger, then she told us all about what to do if someone called us into their car.


Over all Badgers trip to think safe was really amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    


Esmé and Maia